Town Clerk's Office

Town Clerk/Tax Collector:   Carol Messner
Deputy Town Clerk/Tax Collector:   Cindy Schieman
     Monday    8:00am - 3:30pm    Evening by appointment only
     Wednesday    8:00am - 3:30pm
     Thursday    8:00am - 1:30pm
Address:   65 Parker Hill Road, Lyman NH 03585
Phone:   838-6113
Fax:   838-6818
This office handles:
  • Vehicle Registrations
  • Dog Licenses (due each April)
  • Dump Stickers
  • Sale of Town Trash Bags
  • Property Taxes
  • Vital Records
  • Voter Registration


In our efforts to simplify, streamline, eliminate some driving and gasoline expense…

You now have several options when renewing your vehicle registration:
1)  Renew the town portion in Lyman and drive to Twin Mountain Substation (or Littleton      or Haverhill, etc) to renew the state portion … as done in the past
2)  Renew the town and the state portion in Lyman

You will need:
1)  Your current registration (or your renewal reminder)
2)  2 checks (to pay the town and then the state fees)
          (Town is payable to "Town of Lyman")
          (State is payable to "State of NH - MV")
3)  As always, you will still need to have your vehicle inspected

Renewals by mail, you will need:
1)  Your renewal reminder mailer
2)  2 checks (to pay the town and then the state fees)
         (Town is payable to "Town of Lyman")
         (State is payable to "State of NH - MV")
3)  A self-addressed stamped envelope
4)  As always, you will still need to have your vehicle inspected

The town portion includes a $3.00 municipal agent fee on each renewal if the state portion is processed in Lyman. (This fee is not charged at Twin Mountain).

The town clerk's office can also process the state portion of many other transactions:
Call to inquire whether we can process your specific situation 838-6113.


Voter Registration
To become a voter in Lyman you must prove 4 things: citizenship, identity, age and domicile. If you provide a NH driver's license showing your Lyman address and a birth certificate you will cover all four. You can call the Town Clerk at 838-6113 to hear other options. There is an application to fill out which requires your name, address, party choice, former voting address, date and place of birth. Your signature binds you to an oath that you are a qualified voter and will vote no other place. You can fill this form out at the Town Clerk's office or at a session of the Supervisors of the Checklist. These sessions are posted at the Town Hall, on the Town website, and are advertised in The Littleton Courier. You cannot register during the 10 days which precede an election. In NH, however, you can register to vote on the day of the election at the Supervisors of the Checklist table.

Voting takes place in the big hall at the Lyman Town Hall. Open hours are 8am to 7pm for all state and federal elections. Hours are 11am to 6pm for all town elections. The annual Town Election is held the second Tuesday in March and is followed by the annual Town Meeting at 7pm. Please bring your photo id with you to any elections.

ID Cards
Valid photo ids include driver's licenses from any state expired no more than 5 years (if the voter is over 65 years of age an expired id will be accepted), a US armed services card, US passport, a Motor Vehicle Dept. issued non-driver's id card, valid student id card (issued from a NH college, university or approved career school, a NH public high school, Dartmouth College, or NH community college). Voters without photo id driver's licenses may obtain a voucher from the Town Clerk to obtain a free photo voter id at the Twin Mountain substation. If you have no id on the day of the election you may sign an affidavit to vote and will receive a follow up letter from the Attorney General asking for your verification.

Voting Absentee
Absentee voting is allowed only for reasons of physical disability or impairment, religious observance, absence from Town of residence on the day of the election, and employment obligations. An official absentee ballot request form may be obtained from the Town Clerk. Alternately, a request letter may be sent to the Clerk via mail, fax or scanned email which includes the voter's signature, name, legal address, mailing address, and election date. For a primary, if you are registered as Independent, include which party ticket you wish to vote. If you wish to return to being an Independent after voting please include it in the signed request form otherwise your party will remain the party you voted. The signature on the request must match the signature on the affidavit ballot envelope. Ballots must be returned only by the voter themselves or by US mail. The deadline is 5pm the day before the election if returned in person and 5pm the day of the election if returned by mail.


All dogs four months old and older must be licensed EACH YEAR by April 30th

License Fees: Current rabies certificate required

Spaying or neutering certificate needed for discount

Failure to license will make the owner liable to a penalty of $25.00 plus $1.00 interest per month after May 31st