Miscellaneous Town Contacts and Information

The Town Meeting is held the second Tuesday in March. To vote your name must be on the checklist. You may register to vote the day of the election.

Public notices are posted at the Town Offices and on this website and are published in the Littleton Courier when required.

Town Address Numbering System: All properties with primary buildings shall display the assigned number so as to be readily visible from the road. All numbers must be at least 3" in height and be in the Arabic form (0, 1, 2, 3, etc.).
Miscellaneous Contact Information
Title/Category Name Contact
Emergency   911
Ambulance Lisbon Life Squad, 46 School St, PO Box 223, Lisbon NH 03585 911
Fire Lisbon Fire Department 838-2211 non-emergency
Police New Hampshire State Police 846-3333 non-emergency
Police Grafton County Sheriff 787-6911 non-emergency
Road Agent Tom Smith 838-5246
6:00-2:30 Monday-Friday
Town Garage   838-5246
225 Dodge Pond Rd.
Forest Fire Warden,
Fire Permits
Brett Presby 838-6689
8 Moose Run Rd.
Moderator Philip Clark 838-5043
Animal Control Officer Michael Slavcheff 838-2415
Treasurer Celine Presby 838-6689
Drug & Alcohol Testing Supervisor/ Safety Coordinator Donna Clark 838-5900
Welfare Officer Donna Clark 838-5900
Handicap Coordinator Board of Selectmen 838-5900 
Health Officer Stanley Borkowski 1-802-356-5064
Emergency Management Director Michael O'Brien 838-5933
Supervisors of the Checklist
Name Contact Info Term Expires
Anne Baker, Chairman 3 Homestead Rd. 2020
Larry Schieman 106 Wit's End Rd. 2018
Sandra Moscicki 22 Wild Columbine Rd. 2022
Conservation Commission
Name Contact Info Term Expires
James Seidel, Chairman 155 Quebec Rd. 2017
Lisa Linowes 286 Parker Hill Rd. 2018
Cemetery Committee
Name Contact Info
Brett Presby 838-6689
8 Moose Run Rd.
Perry Williams 838-6896
158 Quebec Rd.
James Trudell 838-6089
193 Dodge Pond Rd.
Trustees of Trust Funds
Name Contact Info Term Expires
Lisa Linowes, Chairman 838-6588
286 Parker Hill Rd.
Nancy Landry 838-2034
19 Dodge Pond Rd.