Voting Absentee

  • Absentee voting is allowed only for reasons of physical disability or impairment, religious observance, absence from Town of residence on the day of the election, and employment obligations.
  • An official absentee ballot request form may be obtained from the Town Clerk. Alternately, a request letter may be sent to the Clerk via mail, fax or scanned email which includes the voter's signature, name, legal address, mailing address, and election date.
  • For a primary, if you are registered as Independent, include which party ticket you wish to vote.
  • If you wish to return to being an Independent after voting please include it in the signed request form otherwise your party will remain the party you voted.The signature on the request must match the signature on the affidavit ballot envelope.
  • Ballots must be returned only by the voter themselves or by US mail. The deadline is 5pm the day before the election if returned in person and 5pm the day of the election if returned by mail.